Lina Cruz

Lina Cruz is a Los Angeles based artist and photographer. In her work she captures the colors and designs of nature by adding plants, flowers, ice, and paint to create her pieces. 

Born and raised in a small village forty minutes north of Lisbon, Portugal, Lina was immersed in the immense beauty of her birth country. As a young girl she was inspired by her mother's philosophy, to always look to nature.  

Lina strongly believes that it was those early formative years spent in the countryside that inspired her propensity to marvel at the beauty of the natural world, which continually informs her art today. She studied French literature at Hunter College in New York where she got her Bachelors degree, followed by more recent studies in art and photography in California. Lina has lived in the United States for the past thirty years, including fifteen years in New York, and today she and her family reside in Los Angeles.

Artist Statement.  My work plays with transparency, reflection,  and abstraction. 

These images from beginning to end reflect my heritage and the beautiful nature that surrounded me growing up in the countryside of Portugal.  The essence is about what is added, altered or removed. I invite you to speculate.